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Started from the passion of watching movies like a freak, this blog is about helping people find the best movies for them to watch and sharing ideas and impressions about movies in general (watched or to be watched).

I would like to share with you my opinion of movies I’ve watched so far and of actors I’ve seen in those movies. And I hope that this will be useful for you, in case you have similar taste in movies.

This idea for the blog came to me when i realized that my number one hobby is watching movies, so i spend most of my free time doing this. Which means I saw a lot of movies, so i have a lot to share with you now.

About me:  Iulia

I’m 32 years old and I live in Amsterdam, with my husband. My favorite activities, except for the number one (watching movies), are reading novels, playing board games with friends, writing poems or other creative things and listening to music. I like to make jokes and have fun and laugh a lot. I enjoy making people laugh. It could be one of the reasons I like good comedies so much, and probably the reason why I make a lot of Friends references in daily conversations :).

I hope you enjoy my blog and have fun with the movies you choose to watch!

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