I’m not the biggest fun of sci-fi movies, but my favorite theme ever is time travel. I really enjoy these kind of movies where people get to manipulate time, to re-live the past or see the future. The ones that are really well done can be fascinating and in the end will make you wander…what would happen if…

In the list below I’ve included my favorite movies ever, based on the time-travel theme, irrespective of the type of movie (series, mini-series, film).

  1. Quantum Leap – TV Series (1989–1993): a scientist gets trapped in the past and is trying to get back to the “present”/”home”; instead of that, he finds himself leaping from year to year (from the past), every time having to help somebody in order to jump again to another period (which he keeps hoping will be home). This can be a good TV series for children to watch, but I can admit that I watched it also as an adult, and still loved it just as much. Scott Bakula does a very good job at keeping us entertained and always wanting more…always waiting for the next episode. It can be a bit emotional at times, but never boring.
  2. Back to the Future – mini-series (1985-1990): Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel together in time, sometimes in the past, sometimes in the future, in a time-machine build by the Doc (in a DeLorean). They both get into a lot of troubles and weird situations, like the possibility that Marty will never be born, if some events are not avoided… This is a widely loved mini-series and you’ve probably heard a lot about it already, if you didn’t see it yet. But it’s never too late…especially for time travel ;).
  3. Somewhere in Time – (1980): a love movie with very good actors: Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour, Christopher Plummer. It’s very sad and emotional and i loved it. He travels back in time where he finds her, but the problem is that he cannot really control the way he travels or how long he stays there… and the rest, you will see for yourselves…
  4. Being Erica – TV Series (2009-2011): a therapist, doctor Tom is sending Erica back in time in order for her to be able to solve her emotional problems (in a more original way than normal therapists do); it’s a drama and it also contains some love elemens/theme and a lot of characters you will get to love.
  5. Source Code – (2011):  Jake Gyllenhaal is sent back in time with a specific mission: to stop the bombing of a train; will he be able to do it, and if not, what will the consequence be? is it possible he also meets a very pretty girl here? 🙂
  6. 13 going on 30 – (2004): Jennifer Garner is playing a 30 year old woman, who just woke up like that, while the previous day she was only a 13 year old girl.
  7. Donnie Darko – (2001): another Jake Gyllenhaal movie, which he is well known for; a weird sci-fi movie that you don’t want to miss.
  8. Groundhog Day – (1993): Bill Murray wakes up every day to find it is the same day as the previous one….wouldn’t it be a good experience for anyone of us? what would you do in his place… just follow him and you will get some ideas.
  9. The Jacket – (2005):  Adrien Brody and Keira Kneightley; he gets sent to a mental institution and cannot escape….
  10. Predestination – (2014): Ethan Hawke is travelling through time, trying to find a killer, and instead finds some totally unexpected things, that will turn his life around.

Others worth mentioning: Kate and Leopold, Edge of Tomorrow, Peggy Sue Got Married.