This is one of my favorite TV series ever. I stumbled upon it by mistake, i don’t even remember how i found it, but i just looved it. Of course after some time i re-watched it, once, or twice… 🙂 i didn’t actually count. It can be considered a girly series, let’s say. So it’s probably not the kind of series that people watch together as a couple, although this possibility is not excluded.

I don’t want to give away too much of the story, cause it’s better if you discover it yourself. It’s not really predictable, at times i found it very surprising, which i think is good to see in series nowadays. I loved the central character, Erica, and Dr. Tom. Both play very well into their role and if you binge-watch it, like i did, you start to forget they’re actually acting.

The main idea centers around the life of this woman, Erica, who is just a normal person, like you and me, with her own life and problems and ups and downs, so you can really relate to it (that, in case, of course, that you’re not actually perfect). So that’s also one of the reasons why it’s probably more appealing to women, since we are able to relate to this character and understand the things she’s going through. There is some sci-fi involved, just be aware. But even if you don’t normally like sci-fi movies, you can still give it a try, i think you might enjoy it.

It went on for 4 seasons, of about 12 episodes each. I think my favorite one was Season 2, but even when i re-watched it, i had to watch it all, you can’t just stop at 2. I would be a big fan of Season 5, if they ever decided to make it. Let me know your thoughts on this. Also, of course there is some romance involved, so let me know who you think is the best match for her ( i won’t say anything else about this subject now, to not spoil it for you before you actually see it). I hope you enjoy it!