Yesterday I watched this movie, All About Steve. It had a pretty bad imdb score (4.8), and also on Netflix didn’t seem too popular, so i kept avoiding it, when searching for movies to watch. But then i thought it would be a very good movie to fall asleep to. It’s from 2009, so it’s not that old, and also not that new. But it has some pretty known actors in it, i would say. I mean, just in case you guys remember Sandra Bullock or this guy, called Steve, but who is actually Bradley Cooper . Anyway, at least for the guy, the name doesn’t say much, but you definitely know his face from some more recent movies, where he played with Jennifer Lawrence.

So, as i was saying, this movie wasn’t actually as expected. It made me laugh and had some unexpectedly good jokes. There isn’t much of a love story, so don’t expect it to be too romantic, even if the main idea is based primarily on love (or the illusion of love) as the character of Sandra Bullock thinks she is in love with Steve, even if she actually doesn’t know him at all. I like how both actors played in this movie, they were pretty credible, especially her. You kind of wanna slap her back into reality, at least at the beginning of the movie. But then you start to actually like her character, as the movie is also trying to make us think twice before judging a person. Also the idea that being different is not something we should run from, since we are all actually different, is something to think about… In the end, where would be the fun in us being all the same? I would recommend this movie for a relaxed Friday afternoon, to watch alone or with your loved ones. It will be funny either way.